Chinese character solution and puzzle!

Hi friends:

First, I wanna say sorry for my poor English. I try my best. 

I like juce, because of the clean code and smart UI. Recently, I have spent a lot of time to deep in it. But, I found the juce’APP can’t deal with  the chinese character--can not show, can not input( I just wrote a very simple demo).

I found the solution just these:
  1. use the toUTF16 function to convert the String to the correct chinese character; or modify Unicode-encoding from 8 to 16(so the encoding type is the same as windows default?!)
  2. and then ,set the default font as “宋体”( a common chinese font), use"setDefaultSansSerifTypefaceName".

After doing this, the app can show and input the chinese characters.But I still have puzzle:

  1. Generally speaking,the UTF8 also can deal with the chinese character( use 3 bytes).
    Why juce library can not show the string of chinese in UTF8? Just because windows is UTF16 internal ?!
  2. When I wrote a MFC app, I have never focus on the Unicode-encoding. I wanna the juce string also can provide this convenience.

O(╯□╰)o , that’s all.
Thank you.