Chord generator: Can JUCE do it?

Hey, brand new to this world or JUCE and VST creation! I have a few questions and any information is greatly appreciated!

I would like to create a sample-based instrument with a chord generator similar to Cthulu by Xfer or Scaler. If this something that is possible with JUCE?

Are there other members in this community that have used JUCE to create chord generators. If so I’d love to talk more with this about you!

If it is any resources from articles, to tutorials to previous posts or anything that you think would be helpful in learning where to begin it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You can totally do that. Check the arpeggiator tutorial on JUCE tutors and also take a look at MidiBuffer and related classes documentations. You might make some other structures when you’re building the plugin too.
Eventually, the final output of your plugin will be a couple of midi output events which is constantly being updated.


Everything @amuamu said plus I think this might be helpful.


This is extremly helpful. Thanks @amuamu

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Going to dive into this now @benspektor Cheers!

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