Multi-channel output MIDI plugin

I'm looking for info on creating a MIDI plugin that takes one channel of input and generates multiple channels of output. I guess the MPE classes do this. Are there any examples of this kind of plugin using JUCE? Or maybe I need to dig a little more..

To clarify - I can see how to generate midi events on different channels, I guess I'm looking for a way to test it in the JUCE Plugin host - does a plugin need to advertise that it generates midi events on multiple channels? Or do I need to test in another host e.g Ableton? 


I think I just need to use a MIDI tranformer/ filter plugin to test this out in the Plugin Host app..

You can look at Arpeggiator example to see how to only process MIDI in a plug-in. However, this example only outputs on a single channel. But it should be easy enough to  edit the code to output on multiple channels.

Thanks - I actually found the plugin tutorial a really good starting point for my design. I'll take a look at the Arpeggiator example too. 

To try and start with JUCE, I zeroed in on the Arpeggiator example and successfully built it with Visual Studio. Because I am new to this, I can't work out what it is meant to do from the code alone (I couldn't find a text description anywhere, including google).


I have successfully inserted Arpeggiator as an Audio insert into a VST synth in Cubase. I can't find anyway to make it do something? I can change the speed parameter, but nothing extra happens when I play notes for the synth via Cubase's virtual keyboard. The synth is listening to all midi inputs.


No doubt this is not the intended setup?


Apologies if this is the wrong place to post a newbie question.

Arpeggiators process / generate MIDI not audio! So you need to insert it in a MIDI track.

I expected the Arpeggiator to process MIDI too.

I was drawn to this example, because it is exactly MIDI processing I want to do in a VST, and this sounded like it would be the place to start.

I will concede that I am probably missing vital steps in the build process, and that I may have other serious misconceptions.

When you add the built Arpeggiator VST DLL to Cubase, it only appears as an Audio Insert, but I speculated that they might also deal with MIDI input too.

The VST synth is on a Cubase Instrument Track, and I was expecting its MIDI input to be arpeggiated, not its audio output, given the name of the built VST is "Arpeggiator".

However, even if my build of the Arpeggiator and its deployment in Cubase are faulty, I would appreciate an indication of what the example is meant to do, and how I can use it.




VST2 does not support midi effect plug-ins directly. So you need to add a fake audio channel and simply ignore it. The Arpeggiator example will break up any chord you play into the individual notes and play these notes repeatedly. 

HI, @adamski! Any progress on your device. I was looking for a way to have 1 midi input and distribute it in multiple outs to use in a project.