AudioProcessor multiple midi outputs


Does anyone know if it’s possible to modify the juce demo plugin such that it has multiple midi output connections? I want to implement a keyboard splitter plugin that will examine incoming note messages and route them to the output of choice.

The usage I desire, when used in the juce plugin host’s filter graph is that the default “Midi In” filter would be attached to the ‘top/single’ midi input connection on my new plugin, and the ‘bottom’ of my splitter-plugin would have multiple midi output connectors attached to different soft-synths.

I could then tell the splitter-plugin to split the keyboard into multiple zones, each of which drives a different synth.

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Follow up,

I don’t want to implement a channel-based split, because some of the soft synths ONLY receive on channel one or can’t change midi channels, and I also want to avoid have two or more midi-filter plugins, one attached to each soft synth, that would selectively ignore keyboard zones they’re not interested in.

The goal is a single plugin that routes incoming midi data to two or more midi outputs on the SAME plugin…Make Sense?


Not possible in any of the current plugin formats, possibly VST 3.0 will be able to do that.

Oh Well, Time to get creative then! - So I’ll be thinking about putting a box with connections on the screen that looks like the widget I want, allows itself to be wired up like one of the ‘filters’ and yet internally takes control to two vst plugins and manipulates them in the way that I desire…hmm…

Any thoughts on what I might encounter designing a component that looks and acts like a single filter but is a container of two (or more) vst plugins?

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