Using Arpeggiator example in Reaper

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I’m trying to find out how to properly setup midi inputs/outputs when using this plug-in. The comments in the code are kind of sparse so i’m left slightly confused. Does the plug-in need to accept midi generated from vsti ?

Apologies if i’m coming across clueless but help or information on this would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

My Set up in reaper…

A MIDI arpeggiator of course has to go before an instrument in the plugin processing chain. In your screenshot the MIDI that is possibly generated by the arpeggiator doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. (The JUCE arpeggiator example plugin itself runs fine, I just built and tested it in Reaper.)


Ah i see , thanks for reply! I was of the impression that this plug-in actually generated midi (from another thread on this forum), but it seems it needs a midi input and does processing on that. Is there a way to generate midi without an input? Say a plug-in that generates random notes for example?

Yes, it’s possible but for example in Reaper getting that to actually work is tricky. In Reaper one will need a MIDI item on the track where the plugin is with some MIDI events added in order for a plugin that is supposed to just generate events will work. The issue has been pointed out to the Reaper developers but they so far haven’t added anything to deal with it. (I suppose it’s an optimization to not needlessly run the plugins if there are no MIDI events on the track…)

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Hmmm, so what DAW would you recommend instead to work around this?

You can use Reaper too but with the annoyance that you have to have a MIDI item on the track with at least one note added. (Your plugin can ignore processing the notes coming in from the host.) I don’t know how other hosts behave with plugins like that, you will just have to test them.

edit : It has been a long time since I’ve actually tested this with a JUCE based plugin in Reaper, so I may be out of date with this info.

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