[SOLVED] Newbie question - Example Arpeggiator tutorial not working outside host

To get my hands dirty with creating MIDI plugins I decided to check the arpeggiator tutorial. As I’m running Logic, my target is a standalone AUv3. Xcode build is successful and I get a .app file.

Now what I find is that the Arpegiator example works as a standalone application (that is, it successfully receives and sends MIDI IN & OUT and generates a simple arp sequence) but when running as a MIDI plugin inside the host (Logic Pro), there is no MIDI at all, although the plugin is recognised as valid by Logic Plugin Manager and it displays the window so it seems like the plugin MIDI in & out is simply not connected to the host ports. Are there any configurations to be made to the tutorial project for this to work?

Any pointers or RTFM are greatly appreciated!

Well, that was an easy one. Turns out that I also had to select “Plugin MIDI Input”, “Plugin MIDI Output” in addition to “MIDI Effect Plugin”. Now my sample Arpeggiator build runs as a MIDI FX inside Logic.