Chrome Frame in Juce as ActiveX

Do you think it’s possible?

i tried a quick piece of code:

IID id;
		CLSIDFromString (L"{E0A900DF-9611-4446-86BD-4B1D47E7DB2A}",&id);
		if (!acx->createControl (&id))
			Logger::writeToLog (T("Failed to createControl"));
			Logger::writeToLog (T("Failed control created"));

i got the GUID string from ActiveXHelper app. I see in the debugger it loads the DLL that holds the frame, but the createControl fails. Do you think it’s possible?

It’s probably got more requirements than just being placed in a simple activex container, so it might be possible, but not without some extra hackery to support it…

i was looking for some info on how to implement this control, but i couldn’t find any. google just wrote how to replace IE pages with this frame, this must mean it supports the ActiveX component thinggy in IE, but there is no information on how to use it in your own applications.