Hello everyone,
Although I’ve got some experience in C++ and various GUI libraries, I’m a newbie as far as JUCE is concerned. I’ve been using it for a few days and am really impressed (thank you, Jules).

However, I just can’t find how to create a Web browser control… I don’t think JUCE has got one built-in and I can’t manage to get IE to work as an ActiveX control with JUCE (as I said, I’m a newbie here) .

Any help/pointers would be welcome!

Many thanks,

There isn’t one, although adding the gecko engine would be interesting. :slight_smile:

Yes, I had unfortunately gathered that there was no built-in web browser :cry:

Through some rather convoluted and truly ugly code, it looks like you can hope to wrap a COM component like IE in a JUCE component but so far, no real success…
Did briefly consider using the Mozilla ActiveX control but since I don’t know JUCE well enough to embed IE…

I 'm experimenting with HtmlLayout but my limited knowledge of JUCE is getting in the way. How can I handle Win messages from w/in JUCE?

Again, if someone knows how to successfully embed a COM component, please let me know (I can’t be the first one who tries to do so :shock: )

theres some COM loading stuff in juce_win32_DirectSound.cpp I believe.

not a component though. should be possible. I had an ActiveX component working with JUCE a while back. fortunatly I was allowed to go pure juce.

Right… Can’t say this topic proved highly popular but for those who are interested, there’s a great little HTML Renderer, QHTM (http://www.gipsysoft.com/) that can be easily integrated with JUCE - a non commercial version is available.

Alternatively, and especially if you need to browse the web from within your application, try HTMLayout (http://terrainformatica.com/htmlayout/) - you can also use it freely for non commercial development. I found HTMLayout richer than QHTM but I’m still struggling to integrate it seamlessly with JUCE (probably down to my lack of experience with the library).