Embedding "heavy-weight" objects

The best way to fit embedded browser in Juce framework is a heavyweight component - i.e. a component which has a windows handle (HWND). Our softwre would get the handle from the component by calling component->getPeer()->getNativeHandle().

However, I have notice that most of Juce components are lightweight and are not associated with Windows structures. Is there any other component that we could use for embedded a large component that requests window control? Maybe with ActiveX control as Juce’s ActiveX component is a heavyweight component??

did that question make sense?

I’d have thought that the ActiveXComponent would do the job for you. There’s a few heavyweight components knocking around, like the QuickTimeComp, and the OpenGLComp, so if you really need to do a custom one, you can look at those to see how they do it.

thanks, jules…I’ll look at those…

reluctant to go activex because we want to make it easy to go cross-platform to the mac…

Well anything you embed will be platform-specific, so whether it’s activex or not probably won’t make much difference.