Click on current tab of TabbedComponent

I need to catch whether the user has (left) clicked on the currently selected tab of a TabbedComponent. Am I missing anything obvious?

currentTabChanged doesn’t help as it only triggers when the tab is changed, not when the current tab is clicked on, and popupMenuClickOnTab only reacts to right-clicks.

I’ve got a solution in place at the moment by attaching the parent component (the one which inherits from TabbedComponent) as a MouseListener to to the TabbedButtonBar and checking screen coordinates but it feels super clunky!

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TabbedComponent is derived from Component… so you can use Component ::mouseDown()


Yes I’m overriding that in the class that’s acting as the MouseListener for the TabbedButtonBar, but assumed I couldn’t get at mouseDown for each of the individual buttons.

I see that the TabbedButtonBar has a createTabButton function that can be overridden. I guess I could just use a class derived from TabbedButtonBar as a member of my parent class rather than having it derive from TabbedComponent, though maybe this just changes the issue rather than being a more elegant solution.

You can have a pointer to your TabbedComponent as a variable in each of your tab components… on mouseDown() you can either call a method in the TabbedComponent… or make it a ChangeListener… then in mouseDown() send a ChangeBroadcaster changeMessage to your TabbedComponent.


Ah I think we might be talking about different things. Are you talking about the content components that are shown/hidden when a tab is clicked on? When I said ‘currently selected tab’ I’d been meaning the button in the TabbedButtonBar.