Small TabbedComponent suggestion

Hi Jules,

I can achieve this without changing the JUCE code, but was wondering if it make sense to add:

In the .h

    /** Sets whether the button clicks should happen when the mouse is pressed or released.
     By default the button is only considered to have been clicked when the mouse is
     released, but setting this to true will make it call the clicked() method as soon
     as the button is pressed.
    void setTriggeredOnMouseDown (bool isTriggeredOnMouseDown) noexcept;

In the .cpp

void TabbedComponent::setTriggeredOnMouseDown (bool isTriggeredOnMouseDown) noexcept
    for (int i = 0; i < getNumTabs(); ++i)
        tabs->getTabButton (i)->setTriggeredOnMouseDown (isTriggeredOnMouseDown);



Can't quite see the usefulness of that... What's your use-case for it?

My personal preference is that the tabs respond to a mouseDown… but this could also be useful when implementing the ability to drag/re-reoder tabs.