Cling, an interactive C++ interpreter

Is anyone using the C++ interpreter Cling together with JUCE? Could be very handy to get a feel for non graphical JUCE classes - e.g. data structures or encryption. Here’s a quick introduction.

Installation of the binaries seems not to be straight forward on OS X 10.11. I might give it a try later in a Linux VM.

i have written a lightweight frontend on top of clang much like cling does, without the “interpreter mode” and that is perfectly integrated with juce classes and let you compile jit optimized dsp code on the fly and use it in audioprocessors directly.
plus with that helper i have wrote a juce live coding dll facade that let you do part of what the original closed source library can do (compiling and launching a project from projucer) but without the livecoding stuff for editing the components on the fly (would be a good research & study project for learning llvm and clang in the future).


hi kraken, is this available?

+1 for the availability question…

at the moment i cannot release any sources. tho i have some related interesting things in the pipeline that i would eventually eradicate from my projects, clean and prepare for a standalone release in the future but i don’t have any written date on my agenda as i’m very busy lately…

what i can share is a preliminary old version of my live compiler class (for the ancient llvm/clang 3.1) but should not be really difficult to port over to newer versions of the vm. it lacks some more advanced stuff like the ability to work and tinker with llvm modules directly and a better error reporting layer, but it is easy and effective as a starting point (it borrows some concepts from cling too, when it was at the origins).

if you are really interested drop me a PM so i can consider releasing it if there is enough demand.