CLion on Apple Silicon Big Sur debugger takes a long time to start


we recently migrated to cmake and using Clion on an M1 Mac Mini.
When we want to debug using Logic (or any other DAW), Clion gets stuck for a 2-3 minutes on opening Logic. The debug service is using high CPU during this time.
It’s very difficult to debug having to wait about 3 minutes every time for the DAW to open.
We have used other plugin host apps that very lightweight but the debugger in clion still takes the same time to start.
Is there a workaround? Xcode opens the DAW fast and we are able to debug immediately.

Is it possible to replace the LLDB debugger with Xcode’s debugger?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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This is related to a CLion bug - they use their own version LLDB which is older than the one Xcode uses and has some issues.

If you can, please comment in their bug tracker. I’ve been reporting it for a while and hopefully if more people send out a report they’ll fix it.

A couple of workarounds for now:

  1. Attaching to a different host, I’ve been using Reaper-ARM and AudioPluginHost.

  2. Attaching to the AU process after Logic has loaded without launching it through CLion. Since AU loads the plugins out of process that’s your only way to stop in breakpoints anyway. There’s still a delay there but not as bad.

I haven’t checked on every computer but seems like it’s solved with the very latest 2021.2 EAP version which was updated to LLDB 12.

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It loads Logic immediately. Tested on a Mac M1 and Logic 10.6.2.
Thanks so much for letting me know

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Just a quick update, for others who may run on to this when using CLion, instead of attaching to Logic, we are attaching to process AUHostingServiceXPC_arrow