CMAKE PLUGIN_NAME property missing for backward compatibility

It’s not possible for us to migrate our older products to CMAKE at the moment. It looks like it isn’t possible to set the PLUGIN_NAME anymore (this was possible in projucer). I wasn’t able to find it in the CMAKE API documentation. I see the option PRODUCT_NAME but this also changes the filename of the plugin.

edit: PLUGIN_NAME defines the name of the VST3

Do i miss something? Any help welcome.

I also tried to set the value in the compiler flags like this:


JucePlugin_Name=“Plugin Name”)

But this didn’t work because it was already set in juce_add_plugin

@reuk any Ideas what i can do here? I’m stuck. I tried a lot of different things. I need a solution or work around for this. It seems that it isn’t possible to set the VST3 name that is different from the file name.

I think this is an oversight in JUCE’s CMake support. JucePlugin_Name is always set to the JUCE_PRODUCT_NAME, whereas we probably want to set it to JUCE_PLUGIN_NAME if such a property is defined, and use the product name as a fallback.

I should be able to add a fix for this next week.

Thanks for the fast reply. Great work on the CMAKE support! Looking forward for the fix.

This commit adds support for PLUGIN_NAME. If no PLUGIN_NAME is supplied, it will default to match the PRODUCT_NAME as before.

Thanks for the fix. It worked as expected in my first tests.