Code::Blocks and LinuxMakefile build as x-shared-library

Again a newbie issue. I could finally compile and run my ‘Hello Wold’ project happily with both Code::Blocks and LinuxMakefile ( Ubuntu 18.04 ) . The problem is that those builds are x-shared-library mime type , and not x-executable , so won’t run . What should be the compiler flag to set to have builds as executable ?

Which version of JUCE are you using? Are you building the JUCE ‘Hello World’ example? I’ve just tried this on Ubuntu 16.04 and it builds an x-executable that can be run from both the terminal and the file browser.

I’m using Juce 5.3.2 on an Ubuntu 18.04 clean installation.
Taking a bit more attention , it seems on my side to depend on the compiler :
The GCC will build a x-shared-library , both from Code::Blocks and Makefile.
The LLVM will buid an x-executable on Code::Blocks .
The my question would be is there a way with Makefile to set a GCC flag in order to build a x-executable ?

I’m not sure. I’m using GCC too and it builds an x-executable.

Very sure there is since 16.04 and GCC versions a flag by default to be set to -no-pie…

Which version of GCC are you compiling against ?

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