Code signing issue

It appears that the code signing step in xCode happens AFTER the post build script is executed, causing unsigned copies of my plugin to be installed into the "Plug-Ins" folder, while the signed copy remains in the "builds" folder of my project. To make matters worse, the post build script modifies the unsigned components in the "Plug-Ins" folder after they are copied. So I have a signed copy of my component in the build folder and four unsigned but modified copies in the "Plug-Ins" sub-folders.  How is this supposed to work? Do I need to manually invoke the CodeSign utility in lieu of letting xCode take care of it?

I just add the codesign call at the end of JUCE's copying script. Works like a charm...

That's what I will be doing today. I already added the PACE signing script for AAX/Pro Tools with no problems. I had assumed that code signing would work because IntroJucer has a "Signing Identity" field in the form. It would probably be a good idea for them to remove that field since it does not work as expected. Thanks.