Projucer XCode codesigning and copy problem

Currently the projucer fails to sign plugins correctly. As of Juce 7.0.8 this is the order of operations:

  1. clean the build folders
  2. build the project to the debug/release
  3. copy from the debug/releaes to the destination folders (~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/…)
  4. code sign the debug/release folder

So you end up with non-signed plugins in the plugin folders, so they can’t be released to customers.

Yes, I just noticed this as well. I was wondering why the notarizations started failing after updating to Juce 7.0.8… :frowning:

Any hope of a fix?

I think the latest version on develop might fix this for you. Rather than copy we create a symlink instead.

Cheers, I’ll try it out!

Hopefully it will work correctly with Packages.