Coder / Start-up partner needed


I am looking for a Juce coder / start-up partner for a new start-up I am entering.

You can see a simple teaser and interest checking landing page here:


It is quite a big project (check the small feature list at the bottom of the landing page). 

It includes several connected components that together create a very usefull service:


- a AU / VST plug-in - does not do anything with the sound, but only checks when track is bounced and performs various actions using the rest of the framework

- OS X / Windows desktop software that works in the background together with the plug-in and performs various actions

- iOS / Android / web app that enables user 24 hour shareable access to his masters

- cloud based scalable backend that connects everything together, holds user data and creates web and mobile front end(s)


I am currently evaluationg whether to enter this alone to create just a simple proof-of-concept alpha version or to start from the top with a coding-partner. 

I am a music professional for more than 20 years and I am able to lead this project and provide all the background needed to do it properly. Also, I will use my reputation and connections to market it when it is ready.

My part would also be to organize beta testing with many first class music pros.

I am willing to negotiate the terms of co-operation.


Please feel free to contact me with serious proposals via my private email