BeatConnect: Looking for experienced JUCE coder to join the team

Hey guys, we’re looking for an experienced JUCE coder to join our exciting project BeatConnect: The Universal Bridge Between DAWs

BeatConnect is a VST3/AU plugin that enables remote-collaboration across any DAW, allowing users to use all of their favorite VSTs to craft their songs together in real-time. Up to 5 users can connect together to form virtual studios to build projects and share samples together. Projects are saved in the cloud for easy access to users don’t have to necessarily be online at the same time, they can jump in and out at will to add their parts and when the mix is ready there’s options to export to wav and also export stems separately.

Additionally, everyone’s samples can be dragged out of the plugin and back into their DAW or other tools for any kind of special manipulation and easily brought back in. If users work with prerecorded material or use step-sequencers / drum machines, there’s features such as “Record when play” that allow you to scan in your material so that you never have to go through a PITA stem render process.

Although we’ve had a POC out for a while we’re officially launching in the beginning of February and the response has been non-stop crazy since we started talking about it online. It’s a super exciting project for so many different people and we need help to get this to be as great as I think it can be.

Please send me a DM if interested, if you want more info here’s the website and a screenshot;



That’s an awesome idea. Good luck.

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