Just released my first plugin - BeatConnect

Hope this is ok but I’m stoked to share the news that I’ve just released my first plugin, BeatConnect!

This plugin allows for real-time collaboration across any DAW - it’s in essence a VST effect that captures audio and sync’s it with whomever you are connected with live in a shared sequencer, just like working on a google doc. This was a need for me since i make beats a lot but all my friends are out of town and it’s a hassle to drag our gear back and forth and drive for hours just to jam. Inevitably one of us forgets a cable or something important and it screws up the evening/weekend. I also didn’t want to have to switch DAWs because that’s annoying, and I wanted to make sure we could use all of our regular vst instruments and plugins. Thus was born the idea and the project.

This was a ton of work and there’s lots of little issues still to be worked on but it feels good to finally have it in a state where it can be shared with the public!

So, thank you JUCE for enabling this project it means a lot to me :slight_smile: Here’s the website if you guys want to check it out: https://beatconnect.ca/

(also a big thank you to the random kind people who respond to my posts asking for help on various subjects)