Colours broken in forum

Not sure if it’s me, but since an hour or so I get dark text on dark background…

It’s a bit challenging for the eyes…
I tried to reload a few times

Looks like the dark theme is being used. There’s a setting here:

Sure, I am using the dark theme for ages, since it was introduced maybe. It was readable until a few hours ago.

Unless it was a happy accident that I could read it before and black on black was actually intended… :wink:

Maybe some browser extension is getting in the way? Does it look the same with some other browser by the way? On your mobile?

Edit: I don’t think this was an happy accident. Colors are OK here (mobile, desktop)

Good shout, but no, I am too lazy for extensions:

However it looks ok on the iPad discord app… which might not have updated soem css changes? I restarted the Browser here just in case, but still black on black-ish…

Maybe try flushing your browser’s cache?

Didn’t help…

Well, I switch to bright mode and carry on… Life’s too short

Thanks for the suggestions

Forums has always been OK for me in dark mode, all the text is a clear white/grey for me today on Chrome 105.0.5195.102 / Windows 10.

That was the case for me too. And I didn’t change anything, no browser update (Firefox latest) nor OS (macOS 12.5.1)
Until today :frowning:

fwiw I also use Dark Mode and having no issues in either Chrome or Firefox (same set up as you @daniel). Doesn’t really help though.

Thanks, I had hoped when I posted that somebody was messing with the stylesheet and would reverse their error.
But seems my system is acting up. Just strange because I am a very conservative user in regards to special settings and extensions.


I’ve found the classic, turning the computer off and on again, works surprisingly well in the past. Yes, with Macs! :slight_smile:
It’s a bit weird, have you tried another browser, like the default Opera, or Chrome perhaps?

Seems to be just this one firefox. And just checked, the problem persists after restart.
I‘ll live with light theme though, not a biggie

Thanks for letting the rest of us know about dark mode, had no idea this was an option! Going to come here much more often at night, only other good site I know of with a dark mode is Ars Technica… if you have other good dark mode-enabled sites please recommend!

FTR I also tried both Chrome and Firefox and couldn’t repro using the same forum post you screencapped from. If you’re not on an old OS that’s limited to a specific LTR build of Firefox, then it’s pretty strange (104.0.2 over here)

Thanks for checking.
It is most likely my system, some google result pages are also borked. I will try wiping preferences files in ~/Library…
Sorry for the noise

Last update, deleting this file and restarting firefox solved it:

rm ~/Library/Preferences/org.mozilla.firefox.plist
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That’s great, giving up dark mode means undue light at times of day that don’t call for it… don’t take a hit to your circadian rhythm just because of one prefs file! :wink: