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discobot just invited me to take part in the advanced juce forum user tutorial, which i did, but the ONE thing i actually wanted to know wasn’t really clear in the tutorial, which is how to enable the dark theme. i followed that link to the preferences page and searched the dark theme mode everywhere. i was especially expecting it at the “interface”-tab since it’s an appearance-thing.

Theme selection doesn’t seem to be available on the JUCE forum.

This is what I see when I go to the Interface settings page on the CMake forum:

But this is what I see when I go to the same page on the JUCE forum:

I don’t know whether it’s a difference in global settings or Discourse version though.

if anyone knows if dark theme really is a thing in this forum please let me know. my eyes are dying to death with all this white in here.

If you use Chrome you can always enable “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents”.

It’ll apply to all sites though.

Use this URL to find the option: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark


@Clarke you have changed my life. Thank you so much for that! :slight_smile:


eyalamir is right. this is awesome! especially considering that it doesn’t seem to override at the pages where i have a stylish-style enabled. now this forum looks pretty good

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I find light text on dark backgrounds just gives me some strange kind of ‘burn-in’ that really strains my eyes. So I’ve never had much interest in dark modes as they strain my eyes more than light modes. I’m sitting here at night with my iMac screen on minimum brightness, and that works out great for me. It’s pretty interesting how other people can have this totally the other way.


i wonder if it has something to do with our general perception of light. my gf for example can’t drive at night because she doesn’t see anything anymore, but on the other hand i am often blinded by normal sunlight when she can just normally watch forward at daytimes.

Can we get dark mode for all of docs.juce.com ?

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Now that you revived this, my 2 cents for people having eye strain specially at night:

  1. Download F.Lux, it’s a lifesaver. I just can’t stand the white/bluish colour at night anymore since using it
  2. You can actually invert the colours of the forum (well, of the whole screen) if you are on a Mac by either using ctrl + alt + cmd + 8 or going to preferences, accessibility, display, invert colour. So with that you always have both black text over white, or white text over black.

It’s not actually a definitive solution to the forum/docs, but a good trick to use meanwhile.

We introduced a dark theme for the forum a few weeks ago: New forum theme

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It doesn’t apply to the documentation, only the forum. :frowning:

I use a Firefox extension called dark reader that makes every web site dark themed. Works great for the docs. Only downside is the inheritance diagrams in the documentation don’t show up very well when the dark mode is engaged

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Install Doxygen and render local copies of the docs from the source and use your own stylesheet. I used to do this so I’d have access to them on airplanes, but waves arms at all…this…

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