Combo boxes draw incorrectly on scaled iOS

Hi, pls see screen shot. this is the demo plugin running as standalone with a combo box added to it.

The partial “item” is actually the contents of the combo box below being drawn after setglobalscalefactor() has been called. This box contains 3 items.

The code being used is:
Desktop::getInstance().setGlobalScaleFactor( 1.15 );
mainWindow->setResizable( true, true );
mainWindow->setFullScreen( true );
Desktop::getInstance().setKioskModeComponent (mainWindow, false);

which I found in another thread documenting how to scale iOS apps.

Also issues with dialog boxes:

This should be fixed on develop. Let me know if this works for your app.

thx. will check it out…

Hi. this looks good now…

While you’re in the combo box area, is it possible to address the issue whereby when a transform is applied to a component containing a combo box, the combo box is scaled correctly, but when opened up the text in the dropdown remains at the same time and it not scaled?