Popup menu/combo box rendering issue on iOS

Can't really capture a screenshot of this so I'll just have to describe it:

Running the iOS demo app built from JUCE git there seems to be a rendering glitch with popup menus and combo boxes. When the menu is opened it's first rendered far too large and offset quite a bit down and to the right, enough to take up a large section of the whole screen. This only flashes for an instant and then the menu is redrawn at the proper position and size. I can reproduce this in my own simple app built from scratch in the IntroJucer.

Looks like the initial bounds are being calculated incorrectly for some reason and then quickly fixed.


Hmm.. I've not tested this, but had a quick look at the code and made a tweak to avoid showing the window until its bounds have been set.. Not 100% sure this'll help, but let me know!

Thanks for the quick fix.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked, at least not entirely. Now the behavior is even stranger. When I tap on the arrow widget of the combo box the problem is still visible, but when I tap on the text area it only happens on about every one in ten taps. Strange.

Weird. The window was definitely given the correct size before being made visible.

I've made another tweak now, so that the view is also kept hidden until the window is ready - let me know if it makes any difference!

Sorry for slow response. Just saw your reply now. I'll go give it another try.


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