ComboBox (and Popup?) is broken

We’ve noticed with latest develop branch the ComboBox is broken under fullscreen.

steps to repro:

  1. Make Projucer (or a JUCE based app) full screen.
  2. Click on a combobox/popup.
  3. It now changes space for the combobox.

I have yet to bisect this. (hope to do so later today but posting this early if someone in JUCE might have suspicious commit they might consider :slight_smile: )

A video file showing the issue. (361.7 KB)


Thanks, I can repro the issue. I’ll try to put a fix together.


That’s the faulty commit (bisected with running Projucer similar to the video above as the test-case) -

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Thanks for reporting this problem. It should be fixed by this commit:


Thanks for the quick dispatch.
Seems to be as expected now.