ComboBox font (again...)


Sorry if that has been answered before but couldn't find it in the forum...

I can overwrite the getComboBoxFont method to change the font size of the selected item, but apparently that does not change the size of the items in the drop list. I tried changing idealHeight in the getIdealPopupMenuItemSize method but that didn't work etiher.

Any hint , please ?

Thanx !


Can't remember the details, but you may need to override the LookAndFeel method that renders the menu item text.


I know. The question in fact was: "which method should I override?"

I eventually overrode both getIdealPopupMenuItemSize (idealHeight) and drawPopupMenuItem (font.setHeight) and it works. But I am not sure it is the right way...


Sounds like the right thing to me.


OK. Thank you. Makes my day.