ComboBox PopupMenu font size


I wanted to change the font size of the item shown in the popup menu on the ComboBox (i can change the typeface)
so i looked through the juce source and found this ComboBox::showPopup

menu.showMenuAsync (PopupMenu::Options().withTargetComponent (this)
                                                .withItemThatMustBeVisible (selectedId)
                                                .withMinimumWidth (getWidth())
                                                .withMaximumNumColumns (1)
                                                .withStandardItemHeight (jlimit (12, 24, getHeight())),
                            ModalCallbackFunction::forComponent (popupMenuFinishedCallback, this));

does this mean that the min/max itemHeight in the popupmenu is 12-24 ?


Hmm, that was obviously there as a sanity-check to prevent huge or tiny menus, but it does look a bit limiting. Not sure what’d be the best thing to do with it, really…