ComboBox row height limited to 24

The ComboBox currently limits the standard row height to minimum 12 and maximum 24 in height. I think a larger maximum size should be allowed. I'm currently trying to use about 32 in height for a combobox, and would like the popup items to use the same size, but this is currently not possible.

So I'm asking if this limit could be increased? Or would it break something?

See line 546 in juce_ComboBox.cpp:

        menu.showMenuAsync (PopupMenu::Options().withTargetComponent (this)
                                                .withItemThatMustBeVisible (selectedId)
                                                .withMinimumWidth (getWidth())
                                                .withMaximumNumColumns (1)
                                                .withStandardItemHeight (jlimit (12, 24, getHeight())),
                            ModalCallbackFunction::forComponent (popupMenuFinishedCallback, this));

Thanks - looking at it again, I think it makes more sense for the height to be the same as the Label inside the ComboBox - I'll update that.