Max size in getPopupMenuFont?

I have popup menus that use Arial, size 10, currently, and have been asked to make them larger. I am able to make my popup menu fonts smaller, but making them larger doesn’t seem to do anything. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing a difference or not, so I tried using 24 in getPopupMenuFont, but the menu still has the same size. If I set it to 6, it is obviously smaller, but there seems to be an upper limit. Is there a way to change that?

I think this is what you need :

PopupMenu menu;

or some other value large enough to contain the height of your bigger font :slight_smile:
Otherwise the popup menu item draw method is always constraining the font size to fit the default standard height.

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I guess I should have been more specific. I am not manually showing PopupMenus, I have ComboBox components dropped on my component view, which show the popup themselves when the user clicks on them. Looking at the showPopup code there, it looks like the max height is based off of the label height. So I guess that means that if I want to increase the menu item height, I first need to increase the component height?

Yes! That worked! I just increased the height of the component itself, adjusted the vertical position to make up for the taller label area, and voila! I am able to increase my menu item height to what we wanted.

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