ComboBox label access and/or minimum popup menu height

Hi Jules,

I have small combo boxes and would like to have a minimum height for the popup menu entries.

Currently I have overriden showPopup to achieve this but I cannot retrieve the label as it's private.


What would be the best way to achieve this ?



Can you do it with a lookandfeel?

Nop, this is related to the PopupMenu creation in the combo box and I didn't see any override related to this in the LnF


I have to do this

  static void comboBoxPopupMenuFinishedCallback(int result, juce::ComboBox* combo)
    if (combo != nullptr)
      if (result != 0)
void MyComboBox::showPopup()
  juce::PopupMenu menu;
    .withStandardItemHeight(std::max(14, /*label->*/getHeight())),
    juce::ModalCallbackFunction::forComponent(comboBoxPopupMenuFinishedCallback, (juce::ComboBox*)this));

But I would'nt mind being able to do it in the LnF FWIW

in the lnf you can change the font height in Font getPopupMenuFont(), that should work

By the way it would be great if it was : getPopupMenuFont (PopupMenu&)

There are a few methods like that in the lnf, without any ref to the component, and that's often annoying

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It seems getIdealPopupMenuItemSize can do the trick.