PopupMenu width

hi again,

It often happens that I want to decrease the PopupMenu font size by changing the item height like that:

however it looks like it still calculate the width with the bigger font.

BTW how would you do to make sure the PopupMenu has the same width has the Component is is shown at?

Ok, I’ll sort that out. You can set the minimum width for the menu as one of those options in showAt().

yes, but usually I’m more interrested about the maximum width than the minimum one.


The maximum is determined by the size of the stuff that’s inside it. Otherwise it’d cut off the text and make items unreadable.

You could have the option of adding ellipsis when a maximum width is specified.

Here is a screenshot showing that the width doesn’t reduce to fit the text when you reduce the item height.

this is generated from a KVR RSS feed, you can easily see the motivation for a maximum width and ellipsis here :slight_smile:

yes, I see your point in that case. It wouldn’t be hard to add a max width.