Command line target alongside GUI target

Hi there,

I'm using Juce with the Introjucer to create a GUI application. I would like to use Google Mock to create unit tests with mock objects.

To do this, I need to create a command line target in the same project as my GUI target, but I'm not sure this is possible using the Introjucer. Can anybody shed any light on this?

I could create a completely separate Introjucer/XCode project, but I would prefer to have it all in the same project so that I don't have to manually keep the two in sync when files are added etc.

I could also use Juce's unit tests but I prefer Google Mock as I can create mock objects, and it has far more features.

Thanks in advance!


I'm trying to run some gtests alongside an audio plugin project and need a command line target for the same reason. Joe, have you had any luck resolving this? Has anyone else out there found a good way to do this?