Adding extra targets to Xcode from the Introjucer


Is there any way with the introjucer to add an extra target to an existing 'Xcode Target'? I've got a case where I need to build something and use googletest with it and the easiest way to set that up in xcode is to add a seperate target and scheme to a project, use a different main.cpp and additionally link this new target against the gtest framework. However I cant see any nice way to do this whilst still using the introjucer, as every time i regenerate the code it wipes my additional target.

I can appreciate that adding in all the necessary stuff for additional targets might be a pain, but as an alternative might you be able to add a switch that allowed us to keep any custom targets and schemes created? (so the introjucer only over-writes the target and schemes it generated)

Would be difficult to add something like that, I'm afraid, as it doesn't really fit into the existing project structure.

(And we get asked all the time to make the introjucer avoid overwriting user-modified parts of project files, but if you start to think about how that would be have to work, you'll realise it'd be really hard!)

alternativly you may just create a second XCode exporter und use different preprocessor definitons, to switch the main.cpp code


BTW: Exporter renaming in Introjucer would be fine :-) And a tool to compare settings (like a table) between different introjucer projects