Introjucer: Preserve Existing Targets

It would be great if Introjucer could preserve existing targets in a project that already exists. I am building targets as Frameworks/Bundles/DLLs that require lots of tweaked settings (e.g. for inclusion of the ReWire SDK). With every Juce update I feel I should rebuild my projects and then I am loosing a lot of work and have to make the tweaks from scratch.

Perhaps it is unnecessary to rebuild the projects with Introjucer? Is it safe to stay with a mature project when Juce gets updated?

Feel free to write me a parser that loads an Xcode project, then merges any new settings into it without breaking anything. It’d be a non-trivial problem!

Ah ok, I now see it’s Apple’s proprietary property list format similar to JSON. Thought it was XML.

Writing the parser in Smalltalk would be a matter of a few hours (give it BNF and get a parser in minutes), but C++ is a different story. I don’t think it’s worth the effort.

Parsing it is trivial, but reliably merging Xcode’s version with the jucer’s version would be incredibly hard.

Me neither!

So, how about a jucer option for Xcode targets to not affect the xcode project? If you have to make changes to the project that the jucer couldn’t be expected to keep up with, disable the ‘manage Xcode project’ option and go manual. That probably just means adding files yourself, which the compiler generally shows up.

That would let me use introjucer a lot more. Right now, as soon as I get a working xcode project, I tend to not dare going back.

Unless there’s a way to just add files to a project without remaking the whole .proj?