I have an IntroJucer project that needs a sub-project to build a dependent library. They need to stay independent, but need to be compiled together to share exact Juce settings.

VS2008 and Xcode.

Is there an IntroJucer spot to put an external project in both IDEs?

Now that IJ has swallowed Jucer, I will probably be regenerating the project very often, and adding the sub-project back in is a pain.


PS - needs to be a sub-project so I can mix debug and release modes of library and app.

Not something I’ve ever considered, I’m afraid - it’d probably be quite a complicated thing to add too (?)

I can’t tell. An xcode project seems to get pretty well switched around on save, so a diff is a bit crap.

There seems to be at least two entries, one for the project and one for the library it builds, both with a few magic numbers.

No idea about VS.

I wonder is a script is a better idea? A prebuild script to add the sub-project?


Really not sure what a good way to do that would be.

I actualy wrote about this too. Adding a Lua hook to the XML when it’s beeing saved to disk, so that we can modify it before the IDE opens it.

The subset of options that the Introjucer provides for Visual Studio and XCode are quite limiting, and am finding myself forced to write diff/patch and pre-build scripts to modify the exported project files. As Bruce mentioned, the difference XCode’s formatting in the .pbxproj file when settings are changed adds another layer of complication.

Some form of project save hook, though not ideal, would definitely make the process of modifying the project files post-generation a little easier :slight_smile: