Introjucer Xcode project generation


With the Introjucer, can I create an Xcode project that can contain more than one target, such as for example many plug-ins and many GUI apps? Will I be able to alter the settings in Xcode and still be able to the Introjucer on the project?



No - it only produces one target at the moment. Remember that the introjucer’s a cross-platform tool, so it wouldn’t make much sense for it to let you create structures that can’t also be used in other IDEs too. (Actually, I have been thinking about ways that something like that could be added in a way that’d also work in MSVC using multiple projects or something)

And no, I’m afraid that parsing the changes that Xcode makes to project and somehow merging them back into the introjucer’s projects would be a hell of a difficult job!


I suspected that. As we’re currently migrating to Xcode 4, I suppose that the Introjucer will just serve as a one-time project generator for us. It probably does a much better job at that than I would do myself so it’s probably not a total loss.


If you’re only targeting OSX then that’s fine, but remember that the whole purpose of the introjucer is to help people who are trying to keep a bunch of Xcode, MSVC, Android, etc projects in sync with each other. It’d be an impossible job to create a tool that could generate all those projects and then follow all the changes that are made to them, somehow reflecting the changes back in the original cross-platform project.

But if there’s anything you need to do that the introjucer can’t do, please let me know, as I’d like to make it as useful as possible for people, and adding settings to it can often be very easy.