Help! Workflow advice working with introjucer and xcode

I am using Xcode to build my projects and introjucer for starting up a project. 

And i still not sure the best way to both both together:

Introjucer is nice to add graphics and components to the application , but  when editing a  Project in Introjucer, save it and open in xcode,  it does not update the files in xcode.

I use Product->clean in xcode before anything, and still it does not reflect the changes maded in introjucer.

Am i missing something?  i am not really sure how to use introjucer has an editing tool synced with xcode and i can't seem to find  any documentation.

Any tips how use it both  during a developing session (with both opened) and both synced, editing  on one reflects changes  on the other ?


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when editing a  Project in Introjucer, save it and open in xcode,  it does not update the files in xcode.

..yes, it does - that's how I work all day every day. Can't really think why it wouldn't work for you..?

do you clean the project in xcode, each time you make any change in introjucer? or not even that is necessary?


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No, I just hit cmd-R and 99% of the time it does the right thing!

so deleted

Well i was missunderstanding some concepts on introjucer, .. i was always clicking the button Save and open in xcode, and that maded me think in a wrong way. Now i save each file i change! 

Now i am a bit confused how to use the GUI Editor: :

Because some times it appears like in the extras/examples/helloWorld, and not when i create a new GUI project and "create basic window"! also, when i add components  by code the GUI editor does not update the changes on it self even in the helloWorld example.

What am i missing?


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