Wish List


Dive in if I've missed a feature I should be using.  I'm editing in Xcode 5 and using Introjucer to manage the contents of the project.  When I add a new file I need to save to see it appear in Xcode. Perhaps there's some way around this... and then the rest of my points are less relevant! :)

  • Save time can be a bit slow. I think it's to do with the binary resources.  Can we have a check against the time stamps on the files - and have it not resave the binary resources if they haven't changed.  It might also be super snappy if it split them into multiple files and only re-wrote what's necessary.  
  • Saving invalidates all the build in Xcode. So the next build is sloowwww... I don't know if there's anything that can be done about that.
  • Adding a file collapses all the folders in the file explorer window in Xcode.  
  • Can we have shortcut keys for the creation of new files in Introjucer.  It'd be nice if it followed the Command-N makes a new C++ or whatever file and Shift-Command-N made a new Introjucer project. 

Finally - I assume it'd be a real pain in the arse, but it'd be nice to have multiple targets, with different names and different preprocessor defines set up in the same introjucer project ... :)

cheers! J. 

Yes, save times mainly depend on the binary resources, but I've already optimised it as much as is reasonable. If it's a problem then you must have some enormous files! Not even the largest of my projects takes more than 2-3 seconds to save, even running the debug build of introjucer! (And have you tried using a release build? Should be considerably quicker)

When saving files, it always checks the contents to see if they've changed, so that it doesn't overwrite a file unnecessarily. In my experience that normally works, and Xcode doesn't do a full rebuild unless a header file or the project have changed. And I think that the folders only collapse whether the xcode project file changes. Either way, there's really nothing I could do to avoid that.

Do you really create so many new files that you need a key shortcut!? The reason there isn't one is that you need to tell it which folder to add the new file to, which is why it makes you right-click the folder. If there was a shortcut key, where would the file go? It'd need a whole extra step where it asks you to choose the destination folder, which would surely be more hassle than the current system (?)

Binary Resources:  I'll check which build I'm using. Could well be the debug build.  That's an easy solution. 

The full rebuild is happening because the project has changed.  However when you change the project from within Xcode it doesn't insist on the full rebuild.

And having just played with it, even touch project.pbxproj causes Xcode to close the project navigator.   The openness state is stored in a plist file but modifying the plist file without closing Xcode does (unsurprisingly) nothing!

Looks like my wish list is a lost cause :) 

I suppose Introjucer could watch for new files appearing in the project.pbxproj file and automatically add them back into the Jucer.  That'd solve the whole thing.  I might have a play next time it rains ...