The Killer Feature


I mentioned it in another post, can’t remember where, but…

The real killer feature is exporting an IDE specific project file to another IDE format, from the command line. That means I could add a Post-Build step to call IntroJucer to regenerate the Xcode and Makefile projects if the Visual Studio project has changed, everything would be completely automated. Then I could screw around with the Visual Studio project to my hearts content, add files, remove, change settings, etc… and never worry about Xcode or Linux again (but still get the projects generated).

No change in workflow, full multiplatform support, whats not to like?


That’s been in there for ages! Run “introjucer --help” for more info.


I get no output when I do that…tried it from both the Cmd.exe and a bash prompt. But you said you don’t support importing native IDE projects so I don’t see how that could have been there for ages…


Ah, sorry, I misread your post. Yes, being a babelfish for project formats would be impressive, but not currently on the roadmap!