Introjucer - possible to change target name

In my Introjucer project, I duplicated my XCode target so I could make a demo version of my plugin. In practice, the only way the demo target differs is that it has an Extra Preprocessor Definition, which #ifs out some function bodies to remove certain features.

Is there any way to give the target a different name in the Introjucer, because at the moment it's quite confusing to figure out which one is which. Or am I going about this the wrong way in the first place?

I don't think there is a way to do what you want.

I wrote a little script that gives a second jucer files with modified settings to do this.  I can't remember why that was the right solution, but it was.

If I got you right, you can:

- right-click on an existing configuration within your target --  "Debug" or "Release" -- and select "Create a copy of this Configuration"

- re-name it to something else like "DebugWithSpecialDefine", and add your Preprocessor Definition to the config in Introjucer

Then the created Xcode project will have a new "scheme" with your new name, which you can select. And when you build it, it will put the program in another build folder, like build/DebugWithSpecialDefine. So you can have it alongside the normal Debug and Release schemes and still keep working with the same .jucer project and Xcode project.

...or maybe I didn't quite understand what you want to accomplish?


Thanks, that works much better.