Re-naming Mac VST files?

O.K. I tried everything and I’m stumped, I just cannot seem to rename the compiled Mac VST to something else (from JuceVST.vst to something.vst). I even downloaded a utility that changes the name of an xcode project but that didn’t do it, anyone have any ideas?

had the same problem recently. Doing a search/replace in all relevant files did the trick. That being *.plist, and all files inside the .xcodeproj package.

as a rather mac n00b I’m not sure that’s the most elegant way tho…

Thanks mucoder, just did this and still it’s creating JuceVST.vst, this is driving me crazy. It actually changed the name inside ableton but not the actual file name and it’s not working, there must be a simple method.

Any help would greatly be appreciated as I’m on a very short timeline, thanx

Did you try right-clicking the target you’re building in Xcode’s “> Target” section in the “Groups & Files” list, and choosing “Get Info”? You should be able to set the name of the executable (and some other target related settings) there (look in the “Properties” tab).


What about the “product name” setting, in the target (or project) properties?

Yes, that’s what I was referring to.


I’d suggest you create a new project, by copying the basic files from Jules’s example.

You then need to edit the files. I use vim for this; you could use any decent programmers file editor. I use a similar approach for creating new projects on Windows.

In the “Generic settings” area, make changes like Jules says:
change “Juce Demo” to e.g "My Plugin"
change “A Demo Plugin demonstrating Juce” to e.g. "this is my plugin"
change “Raw Material Software” to your company
change “RawM” to your company id
change “JcDm” to your unique plugin id
In the “VST” area, change your values very carefully! :slight_smile:
Read the notes. :slight_smile:

info.plist - change the Juce references. Note that some of these are 4-char values, you’ll need to double-check Apple’s documentation if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

JuceVST-info.list - change the com.rawmaterial software to the company URL that is unique to you, and JuceVST to e.g. “myplugin”

Rename the JuceVST.xcodeproj folder to e.g. myplugin.xcodeproj

In the project.pbxproj file in this folder, change “JuceVST” to e.g. “myplugin”

Oh, and check that you’ve removed any old “default” Juce Demo plugin you might have already made that you might be seeing by mistake.

You might also have to tell your sequencer to scan for new plug-ins.



Thanks pete, Something so simple yet so many I managed to do it slightly differently, after you compile and build your vst or au, you can open for example the au.component file and edit the plist in there, that works. Good thing with this you don’t need to mess with your project file at all and you can change anything you like after.