[MacOS] How to change Executable file name in XCode

Hello, it is a hassle to chang the excutable name in XCode.
I dont know if it is because there is some linked parameters in some Juce files,
but my “juce_application” executable refuses any attempt in being modified into “my_own_app_name”.

Anyone help ?


You have to change the name setting in the project or target build settings - just renaming the item in the treeview on the left doesn’t make any difference.

Change the name in the Project Settings, the Active Target properties, and in the info.plist file of your project in Xcode

Thanks Wolfen, I missed someting in the Active Target…

For most projects with just one target I just set the Product Name setting in the target settings to:

This gets the name of the Xcode project (up to before the .xcodeproj part) then I can just duplicate a base project and rename the .xcodeproj to change the app name. (Then again I make lots and lots of little apps rather than a few big ones so this makes my life easier!)

I set the Executable in the Info.plist to the same. And the Identifier to:

The “:identifier” bit replaces any unsafe chars (e.g. spaces).