Rename Plugin Project on Mac


i have a project that started with a working title. I’d like to change it now. On windows this seems to be as easy as changing the project name in the Projucer settings. On Mac I can’t get it to implement the new name in the project. There is an error message that says it has an error trying to save to the .jucer file. Timeout for running shell command. As soon as I change the project name to its original it works again. I tried to rename all the names in the settings like Plugin Name but it still shows up under the old name in the host. Any experience on this? Thanks

When making a major change to a project like changing the title, I would manually trash the entire Builds folder. Then when you press the “Save and Open in IDE” button in Projucer, it gets to rebuild all that from scratch. Are you doing that?

Thank you very much!!