Naming New Projects in Projucer (Beginner)

This is a really stupid question -

For some reason I can not name a new project, it keeps creating a folder ‘New Project’ and save as is greyed out.

Could anyone help?


This wasn’t immediately clear to me either (because that part of the UI looks disabled) but when you choose a new project, at the top is a field named “Project Name” with the text “NewProject”. You can type the name of the project here.

I think I am going insane I can not change it it from New Project:

  1. I open Projucer
  2. I select Plugin > Basic
    3 . I press the Create Project Button, on the bottom right
    (Can I attach screen shots on this forum?)
  3. I get a screen that is asking me to create "New Project’ on my computer, and/or create a new folder?
    (as far as I can tell it is this stage that will not allow me to name my project)

So I create a new folder, name it, name the Projucer files here
I open XCode and everything is named:

Arrgghg what I am doing wrong?1

Take a look at this thread:


That is unbelievable how I do not see that…

Thank you so much!

Maybe it wasn’t just me…!

I think this should be highlighted a little more?