Can't Name New Project Directory

I have downloaded JUCE 6.0.1 for Windows and run the precompiled Projucer executable. When I create a new project, I’m asked to select a parent directory to save the project directory in. The project directory is named “NewProject” by default. I’m then able to change the name of the project in the “Project Settings” page but this does not change the name of the directory or the *.jucer file, both of which remain “NewProject”. I might just be overlooking something. Is anyone else experiencing this?

You need set the name before you hit the create button. It’s just above the box where you select which modules you want. It’s subtle, I missed it the first time too.

Yes, I didn’t notice it on the spot either. But on second reading I think it’s about that you cannot name the project differently than the folder? Uncommon but valid request I guess…

Ah, I see it now. Thanks! I think this would be clearer if there was some space between the project name text box and the modules checklist below.