Unable to change project name in Projucer 6.0.1

So in the new Projucer GUI, when you are creating new project you are unable to change the name of the project up until the project is generated. But at that time it is already generated in a folder named “NewProject” by default. You can change the name of the project in the Projucer afterwards, but the project is still generated in a way, that VisualStudio will name all targets and output files “NewProject” instead of the newly assigned project name. Did I miss something?

There’s a name entry field on the ‘New Project’ page:

thank you very much. I clicked this field like 10 times and nothing happened so I thought it’s static and not meant to be changed. After your reply I tried setting the scaling in windows to 100%, relaunching the application and now it works :slight_smile:

that has got to be ROLI’s dumbest UI choice.
tiny non-assuming box that is shaded, directly attached to the other stuff that you might concentrate on.
well, who knows, maybe they’ll manage to create something worse…

Funny thing is that if you didn’t change the name at first, you can’t do it later. Even if you edit the “Project Name” field it wouldn’y change your output (EXE/DLL/VST3 etc) file name.

There’s a way though, at least that worked with VisualStudio. You have to change ‘jucer’ file manually (in notepad for example), changing target names. Then you have to rebuild everything (in Visual Studio you have to clean solution, and build solution).

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