[BUG] Introjucer wipes folder name on directory change

Platform: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

Compiler: Visual Studio 2013 (Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 18.00.31101)

JUCE version: 3285c2b8b4cbf38b3fe9850b824ea547f7f096c7 (latest as of 15:47 on 14/06/2015 from https://github.com/julianstorer/JUCE.git)


When creating a new project using Introjucer, field "Folder:" gets cleared when the changes directory. This can cause the user to accidentally create the project in the root of the directory navigated to, rather than inside a folder as desired. Similiarly, when the project name is initialised with "NewProject", the "Folder:" field is empty.

Reproduction steps

  1. Start Introjucer.
  2. Go to File -> New Project ...
  3. Observe that the field "Folder:" is empty.
  4. Enter a project name.
  5. Observe that the field "Folder:" has changed to match the project name.
  6. Select a folder.
  7. Observe that the field "Folder:" has changed to match the selected folder name (this seems fine).
  8. Double click the folder name to enter it.
  9. Observe that the field "Folder:" has become blank.


  • At step 3, the field "Folder:" should match the project name.
  • At step 9, the field "Folder:" should be restored to that of the project name.

I'd quite like to have a go at fixing this myself, assuming you agree the proposed changes are good!

I've made an attempt at fixing the issue here: https://github.com/OMGtechy/JUCE/tree/fix_introjucer_folder_name

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Cheers Joshua - have been meaning to look at this - will do shortly!

Just saw you committed the code, glad you liked it!

I'll close the branch now, since it's not longer needed.

Yes, thanks Joshua! The first of many juce good contributions, I'm sure!