Project name vs Product name

So i jumped the wagon and have begun to use the introjucer for juce projects. I must say its more enjoyable than I had thought and certainly easier to get started than with CMake and the like. Great work jules!

It turns out that my “Project Name” ends up in the plist and become the name of my product in hosts, rather than the “Product Name”. Is this intentional? And if yes, what is “Product Name” for then? Maybe consider some note in field descriptions about this.

PS. Also, the small vs large icon isn’t obvious and what kind of resolution icon it needs, maybe some note about this as well.


Not sure I understand what you mean: where is the “product name” setting that you’re talking about? AFAIK there’s only “project name” (?)

Sorry, i meant “Plugin Name” not “Product Name”.

The introjucer has “Project Name” and further down “Plugin Name”. But when I open it in plugin host it will be called “Project Name” - not “Plugin Name”. Is this intentional and if yes, what is the purpose of “Plugin Name” then?

Ah, I see. Well, the product name goes in the plist, just like for a normal app.

The plugin name maps onto the JucePlugin_Name macro, and TBH it’s mostly included for legacy support - in most cases you’d just leave both strings as the same. (I think if you leave the plugin name blank it uses the project name by default)

Ok, thanks!