Can we safely change the "Company Name"?

If I change the “Company Name” (projucer settings) of a plugin, do you know if the impact on the users project will only be a few different strings here and there, or if that may break any users’projects?

Are there any hosts out there that rely on that string, or may we assume that hosts only rely on the manufacturer/plugin code, and that this string can be safely changed?

Some hosts may sort the plugins by company name, and I can imagine that many will store that name themselves and fail to update it if you change it, but I doubt if anything really terrible would happen!

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is there a JUCE way of pulling that field, like how we have this in JuceHeader.h?

namespace ProjectInfo
    const char* const  projectName    = "MyProject";
    const char* const  versionString  = "1.0.0";
    const int          versionNumber  = 0x10000;

something like JUCEApplication::getInstance()->getApplicationName(), but for whatever we type into the Company Name field?

on OSX, it only appears in the Info-App.plist. i have no idea about Windows.

It is included via the JuceHeader, so you can always call things like:

g.drawFittedText (ProjectInfo::projectName, getLocalBounds(), Justification::centredTop, 1);


“It” is the company name. That is not included in the ProjectInfo for every project

Sloppy me, apologies, for a second I was wondering, why is he asking this obvious thing :wink:

But for plugins the company name appears as define in AppConfig.h as

#ifndef  JucePlugin_Manufacturer
 #define JucePlugin_Manufacturer           "Foleys Finest Audio"

In an App it seems not to be available in the headers.
Seems like a good idea to unify this information maybe…

Hope I didn’t miss anything again :wink: