Manufacturer Name in Standalone App

Is there a way to get the manufacturer name in a JUCE standalone app? In a plugin, it is defined as JucePlugin_Manufacturer, but I don't see anything similar for a standalone application.



Apps don't really have such a thing. You may or may not find it in the plist on OSX but not sure if linux or windows binaries contain anything like that.

Windows does have this stuff in the application info dialog.  :

One would assume there is some way to set those properties while building the .exe. (I've never bothered looking into that myself.)

As much as I can see, this hasn’t changed, right? I think it will be useful if we have more generic couple of properties that are available on all targets - Juce_CompanyName and Juce_ProductName?

In my current case I was using it for some generic code dealing with file resources on the disk - I would keep files in a dir located at
[os-specific root]/[company name]/[product name]

I don’t like hard-coding such strings in more than one place. That only adds complexity for maintenance.

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Was this ever investigated?

even adding it to JuceHeader.h in the ProjectInfo section would be fine:

namespace ProjectInfo
    const char* const  projectName    = "MyProject";
    const char* const  companyName = "MyCompany";
    const char* const  versionString  = "1.0.0";
    const int          versionNumber  = 0x10000;

This can be added to jucer_ProjectSaver.h via:

<< "    const char* const  companyName    = " << CppTokeniserFunctions::addEscapeChars (project.getCompanyName().toString()).quoted() << ";" << newLine

@daniel perhaps my suggestion above could be added. I’m using it to get/create a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/<company name>/<project name> for storing app-related things

It sounds sensible to me, but it is not my say, if and how it will be added…

probably best to tag the bosses! lol
@jules @fabian @dave96
Any thoughts about adding

<< "    const char* const  companyName    = " << CppTokeniserFunctions::addEscapeChars (project.getCompanyName().toString()).quoted() << ";" << newLine



Saw your message the first time and it gets a bit annoying to be repeatedly nagged like that… But yes, perfectly good FR. Ed normally does PJ stuff and he’s away this week but maybe he’ll take a look when he’s back.


the squeaky wheel gets the grease…


OK, this will be on develop shortly.


I added it to my build of ProJucer 4.3.1 since I’m still using that version of JUCE over here. But it’s cool to see the feature show up on the develop branch!